Certification is:

For a while now international, national and area specific commissions have been developing and introducing guidelines, regulations and agreements on a global scale. Their main target is to develop product and production standards which give traders and consumers alike, a clear insight into the quality of products, raw materials and the necessary manufacturing processes and services. Accredited organisations check and confirm that the guidelines and regulations are adhered to. This process is known as certification.

IFS certification:

For a long time now, industry and commerce alike have demanded that suppliers comply with a common set of quality guidelines. Proper hygiene and the elimination of risks to health in products and production facilities, especially in the food branch are, quite understandably, very important. An industrial standard, developed to enforce these regulations is the International Food Standard, or IFS. The International Food Standard was developed especially for the food branch by the HDE (Deutscher Einzelhandelsverband) and the FDE (Fèderation des Enterprises du commerce et la Distribution).

In october 2003 we aligned our production and quality control processes to the IFS (higher level), in order to guarantee highest quality at fair prices.

Organic certified raw cane sugar to the strict EU directives

Since July 2008 we have been certified with the European Eco Label , that we are entitled to market raw cane sugar from organic farming or organic farming. We further contribute to ecology and environmental protection .

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