Individual packaging solutions - flexible and fast

Our machinery pool contains multiple high-tech packaging systems and printing machines especially manufactured for the production of portion packaging. This enables us to offer printing and packaging in one, central production facility. 25 employees ensure day-to-day that your orders are processed quickly and efficiently. Fulfilling individual customer design requirements is a challenge we relish.

Printing with Flexo-Print

First of all we adjust the format of your own, individual design to the required sachet size. Then a printing plate is created which serves as a printing block. In order to achieve this, the image to be printed (text, picture, graphics) is set higher than the surface of the sachet which will not be printed. The elements set on the same level are coloured and they then transfer the colour to the paper. Thin, quick drying, water based printing colours enable us to produce images on a variety of paper surfaces. Flexo-print is a quick, efficient printing process which has proved itself in our production facility time and again over the last few decades.


We are constantly improving the capacity and quality of our packaging machines. The machines are adjusted in our own workshops especially to the requirements of each product. In this way we can meet special customer demands and create custom, individually designed solutions.

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